Shot Crete Construction

Shot Crete Construction has been around since 1996. We are efficient, knowledgeable, professional, detail orientated, and some may say perfectionists when it comes to their work. We have been in the stamped concrete business for 19 years. Two of our employees are ACI Certified and our customers often recommend us to others.

We take great pride in our work and provide our clients the highest standards of quality, expertise, and craftsmanship. As opposed to offering a default look for each residential or commercial project, we design and build as per our clients’ individual’ preferences. Our skilled crew is always ready to do whatever it takes to keep the customer happy.

If you’re looking to redo your driveway or you want to extend your patio, please contact us online or call us at 307-856-9373 for more information. Our unparalleled service, competitive prices, and overall value are why our loyal customers won’’t go anywhere else.

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